Remainders 03.09.2007

Take a look a these sexy action list planning pads from Behance.
MoCo Loco has a quick peek at the Moleskine City Notebook for New York City and mostly likes what it sees. We used the Barcelona model while we were there and found it very useful – especially the maps and being ale to write down addresses for places we wanted to go.
You just have to check out Timbuk2’s new line of Moleskine Notebook Covers as well. Very nice. I have been a fan of their bags for a very long time (10 years). If that is not enough, they have a whole line of office pr0n.
Since my laptop was stolen, and I need to keep as much out “in the cloud” as I can until I purchase a replacement, I have been using Google Reader for my RSS addiction. You know what? This is a very nice web based feed reader. I may actually find myself sticking with it. It has been very nice to have my feeds available to me any place I can access a browser.

One thought on “Remainders 03.09.2007”

  1. Small world, Patrick… I just linked back to you through the Behance site where they’ve posted a snippit from your posting as a testimonial…
    Sorry to hear about your laptop, but glad you like Google Reader. I’ve been using it for a while. It really helps to have everything caught up and “read” when I go from work to home or vice versa.
    — Scott

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