Remainders 01.24.2007

Sorry for the long delay between posts. I am way overwhelmed both personally and professionally having lost most of December, back for a week, then gone for a week to Macworld. That being said, here are a few remainders for now. I will get back to the nice little run of regular posting I had going for a while once I dig out from under all the stuff…
YouMail looks like an interesting alternative to your cell phone provider’s stock voice mail service. It allows for the recording of unique greetings for specific callers (based on Caller ID), the ability to retrieve your messages on the web or have them sent to your e-mail, even a “DITCHMAIL” features that hangs up on unwanted callers after playing a message. It works with most existing carriers. I might have to give it a try…
Moleskine used to produce a travel model that they called the InfoBook. It had some pre-divided tabbed sections to record ious bits of information like “Food” and “People” and “Sights”. The idea being that you could record important details and facts for and of your destination. Well, this enterprising young soul has found a way to hack it into a GTD system. Kinda neat.
Do you know what time it is? It’s time to fight back against infomania!

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  1. Hey Patrick,
    The server won’t let me access the link to your Moleskine hacked GTD system. I can’t wait to see it. Could you check that link?

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