Random List: Magazines I Read Cover-to-Cover

I thought it would be fun to now and then post a random list of items. No particular rhyme or reason or order. Little to no comment, explanation or fanfare. Just a list of stuff. Stuff I hate. Stuff I love. Stuff that interests me. You know, stuff. It is really just a ridiculous lifehack to get me to post more often…
Here is a list of magazines that I read cover-to-cover.
Vanity Fair

2 thoughts on “Random List: Magazines I Read Cover-to-Cover”

  1. Funny, I read Wired less and less – probably due to the fact that a) they have a terrible track record of delivering my subscription to germany (I have stopped complaining after the 15th time or so an issue was missing or a month late) and b) the magazine seems to get thinner and thinner but the ad contect increases evermore.
    Now if I could just get the infoporn as pdf…

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    In my day job, I work for a 4-year residential liberal arts college. It is a great job with many benefits – both granted and not. One of the benefits comes along each summer. When a vast majority of the…

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