Question Your Certainties…

Reflect on your deepest held beliefs and convictions .
Anything that you know for sure, deep down inside, should be able to withstand such questioning.
Challenge them. Open them up to debate. Invite their contention.
Because, it is the only way to maintain your continued certainty.
Because, such reflection will allow further introspection on the values you hold dear.
Because , these are the things we should meditating and dwelling on.
Because, it is the only way to make sure they are not wrong.
Because, it is the only way to discover if they are.
Because, it may be the only opportunity you have to change them if the above is so.
But, should they survive the melee — if they are, in fact, certainties worth your conviction…
Just as steel is hardened by tension and force, so too are the values and ideas we believe most true.