OmniFocus, the long awaited Getting Things Done based application from the fine folks at The OmniGroup, is currently in alpha and has been made available to a few brave folks, of which I am one, who are willing to put up with the potential bugginess of it all. Therefore, there is not too much I should say about it quite yet. Here is what I can say:

  • I have been actively using it for for all of my personal and work related projects and next actions. I have run into a couple of bugs but that is to be expected in an alpha build. Having had a former job in software QA, I have had experience in such matter and I have been making sure to back up the database regularly. That being said, nothing yet has made me nervous about actively using it for my GTD system.
  • It is a very solid GTD application. It is really effective at encouraging you to focus on next actions and working your plan in contexts. It has it’s own built in quick entry panel and Quicksilver integration to make adding items quick and easy. It is, in my humble opinion, going to be the GTD app to rule them all once it is released.

  • Short of 37 Signals pulling any rabbits out of their hat soon, I very well may use it permanently for my GTD system.

Even though it is not widely released, The Omni Group has been very forthcoming with video previews and other information about the application. If you are interested check out Ethan Schoonover’s OmniFocus videos here and here for a good overview of the product.

3 thoughts on “OmniFocused”

  1. I just got my Omnifocus email.
    I’m really liking it so far. It just “feels” right. I have little doubt that this will be my GTD app of choice.

    One thing off topic – I’d love to see how you actually use Yojimbo. You’ve been a Yojimbo nut since it came out! I understand what Yojimbo is, but I’m having a difficult time seeing the major/useful differences between organizing in Yojimbo and organizing in finder (path finder). What do you think?
    Take care man!

  2. I’m in the group also. Really enjoying the experience – found my first bug today!
    I’ve been using this for all of my work/personal needs. As much as I love Actiontastic (and will continue to follow it’s development) I think this will also up as my permanent system.
    Hope you’re well!

  3. Getting Ready for OmniFocus @ 43 Folders
    Merlin Mann once again drops the mad science on how to get prepared from the upcoming release of OmniFocus which I have mentioned here before. That being said, the tips he gives not only apply to OmniFocus, but can apply…

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