Nokia N800 Video Chatting on ThoughFix

Just a little shameless geek style self promotion. ThoughtFix is a blog with a lot of great info for Nokia Internet Tablet users that I have been reading a lot lately. Dan at ThoughtFix wanted to do a video of the N800 to N800 video chatting feature to post and sent a shout out to readers for a volunteer. Silly little me could not resist the moment in the spotlight.
Some lessons learned from the experience:

  • The camera really does add ten pounds. Unfortunately for me it all got added to my lips.
  • When you look tired because it is late and you are sleepy you also look high on dope.

  • Being able to do such things with a handheld device is one of the coolest things about being alive today.

Go on over, check it out and try not to laugh… I dare ya!
ThoughtFix: N800 to N800 video calling – on video!

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