CassetteBack in High School, I was kind of known for the mixtapes I would put together for friends. I even had a whole series of mixtapes that I would put together in such a way the each one flowed well to the next. That way, if you had a dual cassette player you could put in two in a row without breaking the groove. I continued this practice well into my thirties, with CD’s eventually replacing cassettes, but the idea remained the same. Cool mixes for friends of the stuff that was catching my ear at the moment.

Now, there is a new service on the block called Muxtape. It allows you to create a virtual mixtape of up to twelve songs that you can then share with the world. The interface is dead simple. Simply, sign up for an account. Upload your mp3’s. Organize them in the order you wish and you are ready to share. So much fun! It is like high school all over again but without the snotty cliques.

Check it out. Here is mine.