This is what happens when Bangladeshi kids want a break from making our clothes.

I can’t.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll repeat it: own less stuff. I swear it will make your life better.

Use your money to help others and to be something, not have something.

Buy experiences to shape you. Take road trips. Give to a charity.

More closely related to this image: I had some tough decisions to make with the production of Superfight. The established printers were all in China, behind a wall of, well, China. Sure, I could print in the US if I wanted to sell the game at a loss. But that would only ensure that the game never existed beyond Kickstarter, and I didn’t want to sell it for five hundred dollars.

So I kept looking for a more transparent production facility, and finally found one in India. I asked about the working conditions and facilities, and was sent videos of the production line. Not a kid in sight, and everyone looked business casual and safe.

So I went with them, despite the cost difference.

Then cut proceeds out to go to Futures without Violence (seriously, if you’re looking for a charity, this one is amazing).

There just isn’t any point in making money to get more things for yourself. Turn on the news or pick up a tabloid and tell me I’m wrong.

Helping people is how you feed that monkey, not buying another hundred dollar tee shirt.

What more could I had here? Spot on.