Love The One You’re With

Our first love must be self love.

To love one’s neighbor as oneself, one must first learn to love oneself. If one hates themselves, then how could they love their neighbor? To love your neighbor, you must love yourself.

First care is self care. If one does not care for self, how can one ensure they will be in an able position to care for others? To care for others, first care for your self.

To be able to give all of ourselves to others, we must first know ourselves fully. How else might we know the depth of that we have to give? In order to give of yourself to others, know yourself deeply.

In order to give, you must first have earned and received. How would one have anything to give otherwise? Receive first, so that you may have something to give.

Place love of self first so that one may know love and have that to give. The action may seem selfish yet the reason and intent is selfless.

This is an unfinished thought exercise from my writing journal. I think it makes the point as is so I’ve decided to leave it undone.