Keeping A Mac Clean: What I Use

Since keeping your Mac clean seems to be a popular topic, I thought I would take a moment to highlight a couple of products I have used for quite some time.
As a Mac Consultant, I often run into keyboards and screens that are less than sparkling (Honestly, who’s really is?). Because of this, as a service to my clients I often will take a few extra minutes to spiffy up their Mac a bit before leaving. Kind of a nice value-add that anyone would appreciate.
For cleaning keyboards and other hard to reach spots, I depend on Cyber Clean. The best description I can give it is “goop”. That said, this goop molds itself into the tightest spaces and picks up dust, crumbs, dirt, and other detritus that is otherwise hard to get. It’s looks nasty, feels strange, but works like a Christmas miracle.

To clean the screen, I absolutely swear by iKlear. I have used it ever since getting a sample at Macworld about ten years ago. Nothing does a better job on portable screens. Nothing. I usually keep a stash of the iKlear Travel Singles in my bag. In less than a couple of minutes I can have a screen looking like brand new.

Between the two of these my Macs, and those of my clients, are always shiny.