iPhone = Game Changer

I had to go to the post office today to mail some packages. While waiting in line, I decided to be productive by answering a few emails.

Once up at the counter, the postal agent noticed I had forgotten a number on the zip code for one of my packages. No problem, the address came from and email so I looked it up on my phone and gave it to her.

Then, I requested tracking and proof of delivery for one of my packages. the postal agent processed the tracking slip and handed me my copy. As soon as I received it, I placed it on the counter and used my iPhone to take a snapshot note into Evernote. In doing so, the photo gets uploaded to the “cloud”, the text in the photo of that slip is run through OCR and made searchable, and then it is synced to my various machines. Therefore, no need for the slip.

iPhone = Game Changer.