I want to change your life…

…For the better. Even if it’s just for a little bit. But, my goal is to change it for the better for good. So that you are just a bit happier or a bit better.
That’s why I write. I know that if I put out enough posts, or enough books, or share the right things that one of them, eventually, will make someone’s life somewhere out there just a little better.
But why? Why do I care? Why does such hope give me such a deep amount of satisfaction? Why do I spend so much time and effort on it?
I believe the best way to make the world around me a better, friendlier, and stronger place to live in is to help others that occupy it with me be better, friendlier, and stronger. It can’t be done alone. I can’t change the world only by being better, friendlier, and stronger myself. So, I try to change others lives too.
Maybe it is egotistic and foolhardy to think I can have that sort of impact. And, maybe I can’t. But, I can try. And every victory, no matter small or large, tells me that I can. If I write enough or care enough or offer enough that, eventually, I can make someone’s life a little bit better and by doing so I can make the world incrementally better.
When I die, I want the people I’ve helped to be the largest asset I leave behind so that a happier world may be my children’s greatest inheritance. And I believe that can be done one word, one action, and one opportunity, at a time.