How To Cure Cancer

Yep. That’s it. That’s the cure. If you want it in detail, read the rest….
My wife, Bethany Gladhill, and I faced a major scare over the weekend. She had all the signs and symptoms of Inflammatory |kaeba|referrer|kkytr
Breast Cancer
. Of all of the forms of breast cancer, it is one of the most deadly, that takes far too many (and, any is too many) way too young.
Luckily, for us, her biopsy came back negative. Turned out to be a ruptured cyst (which has identical symptoms and detection procedures). Unfortunately, most do not.
Look, we can send robots to Mars and upgrade their software from earth in minutes. We can pour trillions into elections only to produce the same outcomes we have had for 200 years. Or…
We could be taking the collective wealth and knowledge of our society and saving the lives of millions and those that love them by ensuring that no one has to face cancer ever again. No, it is not as sexy as robots on Mars and not as entertaining as watching Washington mudslinging and gridlock but… It matters.
Start. Today.
Not by buying more crap you don’t need (even the pink crap). Not by throwing a dollar into a cup and calling the job done.
As a species , we have proven that there is nothing we can’t do if we set out to do so. We have cured the incurable countless times before. I fervently believe that, if we can send robots to Mars and fix elections with money, we can cure cancer. All it takes is the same thing it always has for every one of those challenges…
But, care scales. In order to tackle the big problems the more people who do it the more likely it is to succeed.
Start by educating yourself and those around you. Start by sitting in empathy and practicing mindful and compassionate listening to those who have been there (trust me, we all know someone). Then, continue by raising awareness and supporting in any way possible (money, time, attention, etc.) those organizations who are active on the front lines of this fight.
Because, what got robots to Mars, put men on the Moon, ends famine and war, and, yes, even elects presidents, is the power of that one simple, yet powerful, word set into action and collectivized.
It even is the secret to curing cancer.