How To Control Time (Using The Power of Your Mind)

When you are excited for something to happen tomorrow, the day seems to move more slowly. The more excited you are, the more slowly the day seems to move.

When you dread something to come, time seems to move quickly. More quickly than we wish, it would seem.

Desire can control your perception. Especially your perception of time.

In times like now, with such strife, the hours seem like days, the days like weeks, the weeks like months. This is because we just want all of this to be over. We want the virus to be cured, the politicians to find compromise, and our society to become civil and just. We just want things to be whatever “normal” looks like to us.

None of these things will happen as soon as we would like. Most will take years. Some may never come.

You will find, when you accept things as they are and your inability to speed them up or slow them down, time moves at exactly the pace it should. Moment by moment.