Happy Accidents

When it comes to taking photos, I have long been one of those amateurs that takes 10 shots in rapid succession hoping that at least one of them will turn out OK. Generally, when I do this, I’ll quickly scan through them at my earliest opportunity, choose the one I want, and delete the rest.
Lately, though, I’ve been trying to delete the “bad ones” less quickly. The reason is this: While some of those shots may be imperfect to my eye at first pass, I often find that many grow on me if I let them sit and come back to them later. In fact, I come to love them more than the original.
Here a few examples of photos I’m glad I did not toss at first pass…
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almost deleted this one because I was trying to capture Beatrix’s face (Oh, that face!). That said, I love the motion and framing of this one so much. It exudes fun. Far better than the one I was going for.
This was too blurry to my eyes at first pass. Yet, I decided to keep it and revisit it. Once again, it is my now my favorite of these shots. Not sure if it’s the movement or where the focus falls but I like it.
Once again, action shots should have action. They shouldn’t be perfect. They shouldn’t be still. They should be blurry and full of energy. Glad I did not toss this one.
The lesson I have learned here is to not be so quick to judge. These judgments are often clouded by desires or goals that we may have in one moment that, revisited in hindsight, may not be the best choice. That, sometimes, we may find beauty in exactly the places we least expect it if we look with a less reactive eye.