Hanging with Ryan from Brassing Adds Character

Pen TestBeen a very busy day so far and is only getting more so. Therefore, just a quick post for now…
Had the great pleasure of hanging out for a few with Ryan Roossinck from Brassing Adds Character last night. What a treat it was. We spent hours geeking out over his massive collection of Pens, my hefty collection of notebooks and our mutual eclectic music tastes. I honestly think this kid (yes, I am enough his senior to use that term) is my brother from another mother because we have so much in common it is scary.
The highlight for me though was having the chance to play with a ton of different pens, nibs and ink types. Ryan is a real serious pen freak and has many custom nibs and rare models. He is a deep abyss of knowledge when it comes to pens and their histories so it was fascinating to just sit back and listen to each story behind the pens. His writing is even smaller than mine so he is also a fan of very fine nibs making each pen absolutly drool worthy to use. By the time it was all said and done, Imanaged to fill up a nice sized page of test doodles. Good times…
If I have not said it firmly enough before, Ryan’s blog is a fantastic read and there are more great things to come. If you have any fascination at all with analog capture tools, this is a must add to your daily web reads list.

One thought on “Hanging with Ryan from Brassing Adds Character”

  1. What can I say? I’m the kid. I’m honored. Most likely not worthy of such a post.
    I am, however, a self-admitted bit of a pen freak; also a student (getting a failing grade, on most days) of productivity.
    Should any of you ever get out to Des Moines, please look me up. I’d love to say hello!
    (And then I have someone to blame for my not getting anything done that day. It’ll be you, or Patrick. He/she who buys the coffee gets to pick.)

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