Good Day (A Recipe)

Be industrious, yet relaxed. Be aware of and thankful for each breath. Some time to read. A restorative nap. A rewarding conversation with someone I can learn from. Being present with everyone I encounter. A warm hug. A peaceful mind and heart. These are the ingredients for a good day.

What does a good day look like to you? Can you visualize it? Can you put it into words? What are your ingredients for a good day? Figure this out and tack it up somewhere you will see it daily.
Now, look at your todo list and your calendar. Are the items you had planned for today mapped to the ingredients for your good day? No? Well, I guess you know how today will turn out (Answer: Not well).  
My plan: To build a task list that allows me to feel industrious, yet relaxed. Make sure there is space between to be aware and thankful. Allow for a half hour to read and 20 minutes to nap. Make sure to allot some time on my calendar for someone awesome. Shut off all distractions and be present with them, ready to learn. Perhaps give (and receive) a warm hug when we part. And do all of this with peaceful compassion and loving kindness.
I may not always have a good day, but at least I know the ingredients to make one.