Geek Gather and Blog

I get together on a regular basis with a group of other geeks, tech nerds and h@x0rs for something we call “Geek Gather and Munch”. Basically, it is a chance to hang out and talk tech and just, well, geek out. It is a whole lot of fun and we have pretty much had a gathering each month for almost a year now.
This past Gather, we decided to start to make things a little more formal and fun by getting a domain name and throwing together a blog where we can further dive into the depths of pure nerdom in front of a live and appreciative public audience.
It is still a very early work in process. Check it out here:

Geek Gather

The cool part is that, because it is in process and a lot of the discussion and decisions are being made in posts and comments so you get to see it being built right in front of you.