Flying The Friendly Skies

Bethany sent along this great link to Zagat’s latest survey of customer satisfaction in the airline industry. Really funny stuff here. Choice quotes:

“Need air marshals to protect passengers from crew.”

“Cabin staff treats you like a stranger crashing a dinner party – only they don’t serve food.”

“Economy class is like the Bataan Death March with carry-on luggage.”

“I’ll start with the good: Web site easy to navigate. That’s the end of the good.”

That is just a few, there are many more equally funny. This is a must read.
I also find it somewhat sad that it has gotten so bad. When I was a kid, I used to fly all the time. My Grandmother flew a lot and very often took me on trips with her. I even would fly alone sometimes, under the care of the stewardesses (yes, that is what they were then). I remember everyone being so friendly. They always gave me the chance to see the cockpit and talk to the captain. I lived for the little tin wings he would pin on my lapel, which I had of course, because people still dressed up to travel. I remember the food being pretty good and served on real plates with real silverware which I would sometimes sneak in my pocket for an extra souvenir. I must have had a full set of silverware from every airline we flew for a while.
And the planes! Braniff painted each one of their 727 Whisperjets a different bright seventies color. I always tried to guess the color of the jet we would be flying on before we got to the terminal. Then, one day, I saw across the tarmac a Braniff that had been painted like a Mondrian. Oh my god! I have to ride that plane. I prayed for several trips afterwards that I would get to ride that plane. I never did but it has stuck with me for a long time. There were other airlines of course. Republic, Piedmont, Northwest Orient, Delta, we flew them too. Not quite Braniff, but still, it was always fun to fly.

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  1. RE: Braniff
    when I was scheduled to return home from vietnam, I was allowed to pick the color of my plane (Braniff).
    at the time runway was under constant mortar/rocket attacks…so I chose a Black Jet, at night, and added an extra couple of days in-country just to be on the safe side.
    choice is good.

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