Every Sunday

A few months ago, my wife and I decided to subscribe to the Sunday newspaper. Just the Sunday edition. They have yet to deliver that single paper to us on time. Not even once since we signed up.

Every Sunday we go to the door. Every Sunday it is not there. Every Sunday we call and complain. Every Sunday it is delivered about an hour after we call. Every Sunday we receive a follow up call to make sure we received it. Every Sunday we complain to that person. Every Sunday they have an excuse. Every Sunday we publicly shame them on as many social networks as we can. Every Sunday.

Every Sunday one of those people has the power to make it better. Every Sunday all it would take is one person who seizes the opportunity to care. And, if that one person took the time to find out why it is that every Sunday we do not get our paper, they might just find a solution that solves our problem and makes our lives that much better.

They might also find that there is a problem in the system that not only solves our problem but solves every problem of every delivery of every paper everywhere. They could discover a solution that revolutionizes the delivery of everything. They could be the one that makes sure that every airline never loses a bag or every package arrives at every doorstep on time and guaranteed. They could be the one that solves a problem that has stumped the world for the past 100 years. That companies from Delta Airlines to the US Postal Service have yet to fully solve. This could make them unbelievably rich and lauded as the person who changed entire industries for the better.

Yet, they will never know until that one person decides to make it better for just one other person this Sunday.

I’m a writer. Writing is how I make this world better, friendlier, stronger place. If these words improved your day, please let me know by contributing here.