Darn Tough

I’m tough on socks. I always have been. I had a friend tell me about Darn Tough socks and their commitment to be the best, toughest, socks you’ll own and that come with a lifetime guarantee. I’ve purchased nothing but for years now and they’ve absolutely been the longest lasting ones on my feet by miles.

As of this writing, I have now returned four pairs of socks to them under said lifetime warranty (which I’ve worn for years before having any warrant to do so) and received four pairs in return, fee and hassle free (besides the cost of postage to send them from my end).

Buy Darn Tough socks (this referral link will get you $5 off). If you see them on sale buy more. Trust me. Worth every cent.

This is not a paid sponsorship post I swear! I’m just a very happy long time customer.