Curate Thyself!

As regular readers know, the role I assume here and aim to fill is that of a Curator. My stated goal of this site is to find interesting items that fall under the stated topic area and gather them together along with some commentary that will hopefully provide interest, context, and cause you, the reader, to investigate further.

While I think I am doing a fine enough job of this for the site, I am horrible about it when it comes to aggregating all of my online projects into one central place where people can find it all. While I am certainly thinking about a way to execute such a place on a more permanent basis, I thought I would take some time out here to post all the places you can find my work:

patrickrhone.com – My personal site where I write essays on just about anything that captures my interest as well as personal topics. The latest post, certainly of interest in this context, is titled Why I Curate.

The Random Post –  Where I curate the things that don’t seem to fit anywhere else.

Minimal Mac – Minimalist computing as it relates to the Mac universe and the general topic of what is “enough” when it comes to technology as a whole.

Practical Opacity – Exploring the idea of “enough” as it relates to social media, email, and online interactions and distractions.

Duchess Beatrix – Where I “ghost write” a blog for my daughter, The Duchess of Heckofalot (go read it and it will all make sense).

A Better Freelancer – I coauthor and cocurate this site along with Aaron Mahnke. A place that helps freelancers such as myself become, well, better. If you are a freelancer or thinking of becoming a “business of one”, check it out.

So, there you have the bulk of the places you can find me. Hope this helps. Especially those I have received feedback on doing this very thing.

Note: I will likely cross post this at the other locations as well so do not be put off by visiting and seeing this duplicated.