Clean Hands

Here is something that I only recently recognized about myself. I really enjoy having freshly washed hands. It’s not just about the cleanliness though. It’s the act of washing them. Especially with a really nice soap. I love the way they feel and the way they smell. It is one of the simplest things, on the face of it, but one that gives me a fair amount of joy and pleasure.
There are many other tiny things that give me joy and pleasure too. Writing with a really good pen. Walks with my little girl around my neighborhood. A clean car (both inside and out). Being smartly dressed.
I don’t feel any of us take enough time to identify these simple, often free, acts that give us pleasure and joy. Even those of us that do, often do not take enough time or give ourselves permission to indulge in them. Especially when it would benefit us the most.
Having a bad day? Feeling a little down? If you have some of these tiny pleasures already identified, see if acting on one can help turn things around. It likely wont solve the whole problem. But, at least for a moment, it may help you feel differently.
Even if things are just fine, it can never hurt to inject some happiness into your day. Relish the simple acts that bring joy.