He who defines his conduct by ethics imprisons his song bird in a cage …Your daily life is your temple and your religion. Whenever you enter into it take with you your all

Kahlil Gibran

Mini Review: Good Omens

Wow, what can I say, but I was obviously late to the party on this. This is a fantastic book, and I can easily see why it has become a cult classic. The book follows an angel and a demon, friendly adversaries since creation, who are charged with bringing about Armageddon and, frankly, don’t really want it to come. After all, they kind of like the love/hate relationship they have developed with humans over a few thousand years. Not to mention they are kind of screw ups who can’t seem to get the job done properly anyway. They have even managed to misplace the Anti-Christ who is now a precocious eleven year old boy. All in all, it is a wonderful and entertaining read. Almost too endearing, to a fault – just like us humans.