Where I’m at…

Here is a low impact way to catch up with me, Prnicess Bethany, my two sons, the baby on the way, the two dogs (Roy the Wonderpug and Geronimo!), the two cats (Tiger and Polo), the three houses, and the one crazy-busy life… Read my many online locations:

  • patrickrhone.com – This is my personal web site where I write about a lot of the stuff that interests me.
  • therandompost.com – This is where I post all sorts of random links, videos, pictures, tidbits and such. It’s where you are right now.
  • teamtrixie.com – This is the blog where I am keeping all things related to the upcoming baby girl (there are even some ultrasound pics there)
  • All that’s past is prologue… – This is Bethany’s blog. Lots to glean about our lives here as well.
  • patrickrhone.jaiku.com – Jaiku is my microblog that I post about “what I am doing right now” several times a day. 

As it is with the interwebs, following breadcrumbs left at many of the places will lead you to more of my places of existence.

I would smile all day long, every day, if it guaranteed a unicorn getting punched in the face. I find them really annoying

Rachael Ray