Thanks to the pandemic, my hair is staring to look a lot closer to that little guy (me) in the middle there.

Shelving Sketchnotes

This week, I’ve been putting together some shelving for additional storage on our 3rd floor. Some for books, some for file boxes. I’ve chronicled what I’ve built each day by messy-sketching it in my Techo. (I’m going to make “Mess Sketch” a thing. Then, I don’t have to internally bemoan how messy my sketches are.)

Not all journaling needs to be words. I often capture what was important to me that day with a quick sketch or cutting out some words from a magazine to paste in. One entry in my Techo is a single pressed leaf between two pages — the first fallen of the fall season from from a maple tree in our yard. That’s what I wanted to remember most from that day. That was enough.

The Latest Patagonia “Catalog”

Really fascinated and impressed with the latest “catalog” from Patagonia. I put catalog in quotes because it is more a very beautifully produced magazine where Patagonia is the sole advertiser. It is filled with on theme and mission based articles ranging from activism to environmental issues. Also one finds a delicious looking recipe using a product from their Provisions line, book recommendations, and gorgeous photography.

A really interesting and compelling spin on marketing and how to prevent the mailbox straight to recycling path most catalogs take in my household these days.