Broken As A Feature

One of the reasons I wait a while before upgrading to the latest OS is one never seems to account for it going wrong. Yesterday, in what I was hoping would be a quick iPhone SE update (finally) to iOS 12, turned out to be a process that essentially bricked it 3 times and left me without a phone for the day. I knew it would not be until this morning that I had the time to troubleshoot my way to a solution (which I did).

Now, those who have followed me for a while know that not having the phone is not necessarily a problem for me. We had a full day of activity yesterday. I led some rigger training, we had dinner with friends, we went out late at night to try to find the Northern Lights. Not only did I not need my phone for any of these things it may have been a distraction if I had it so I was better off without it.

Sometimes, broken can be a feature.