Early Review: Moleskine Pocket 18 Month Weekly Planner

Starting this week, I am moving from my trusty Moleskine Pocket Ruled to a new Moleskine Pocket 18 Month Softcover Weekly Planner. As regular readers know, I have been breathlessly anticipating the arrival of these new planners. They have a new layout which features a weekly calendar on the left hand page and a basic ruled page on the right, therefore allowing me to keep my action items and calendar items in one easy to carry place. Here are some quick initial impressions:
• I am not sure if this is due to age or wear and tear but the paper in the new planners seems brighter than that of the ruled style I was using.
• The pocket on the new planners is not gusseted like the old style and, therefore, items placed inside are a bit more difficult to see and access.
• The ruled lines on the new planners also seem to be closer together but I have not actually measured to see if that is correct.
• There are a wealth of additional pages included in the planner. Some you might expect like Time Zones, International Dialing Codes and Distances (a grid to figure out distances between major cities). There are some others that are surprising but useful such as Travel Planning pages, a page with a ruler on the side for being able to mark down measurements and some monthly pages for 2006-2008 to mark birthdays, anniversaries and other similar items.
• These have a softcover unlike the standard hard cover Moleskines. Although it is soft it still seems very durable and well designed (perhaps even better because it can flex a bit) for carrying in your pants pocket.
• I also have switched the pen I am using from the (still awesome) Pilot G2 Pro with a .05mm cartridge to a Uniball Signo Micro 207. This is due in part to Mike Rohde’s review and recomendation and also to my own side by side comparison. The Uniball has a slightly slimmer line and seems to dry more quickly. So far it is being good to me.
All in all, I am pretty pleased thus far. Also, a major shout out to Ninth Wave Designs where I purchased it from for the very fast delivery and friendly service. They rock and I recommend them highly for all of your Moleskine needs. they also have a great blog filled with lots of drool worthy artwork and Moleskine pr0n

Sweetest Day

On June 15, 2006 at 9:30PM, Bethany and I were married in a small candlelit ceremony with our family and close friends in attendance. It was beautiful, romantic, filled with love and plenty of fun. There are way to many details of the evening to post them all right now. All I can say is that it was a perfect day in every respect. From picking up friends at the airport, to picking up the cakes and desserts, to getting dressed, to seeing my beautiful bride for the first time, to taking pictures in the park, to eating dinner with the Best Ma’am and Man of Honor, to the space lit entirely by candles, to the beautiful music, to Rev Xanthia, to the heart felt and personal vows, to the moment we kissed, to the dessert and very expensive champagne, to the wedding night spent in our new loft space at home – It was all like a very beautiful dream. I know it was not because we have pictures to prove it all really happened.
This was followed by a whirlwind of setup, cooking, driving, picking up, delivering, frantic hand waving and then…
On June 17th, 2006 at 7:00pm, Bethany and I had a kick-ass reception. I won’t go into great detail as Bethany has done a much better and more thorough job on Indebride (she begins her 12 step program soon we hope). Let me just say that we put a lot of work into it and had a lot of fun. It was the exactly what we both wanted and envisioned and came off without a hitch.
I am still filled with humble wonderment every time I look at her and say “This is my wife”.
Update: Pictures from our friend Val here.

Flock is Flying Higher

I have been playing around a bit as of late with Flock 0.7, the latest version of the Web 2.0-ified, Firefox based browser. I must say that I am more and more impressed with every release. They really seem to be making it as easy as possible to integrate a fast browser with bookmarking services like del.icio.us, Flickr and built in blogging support. In fact, I am making this post using it right now. It has a great built-in news reader and a nice little snippets function to clip and save text and images for later use. All with drag and drop goodness. Also, because it is based on Firefox it supports many of the extensions that us Firefox users have grown to depend on. Oh, and it looks good too.

Seems like they are actually going from alpha to beta with the next release so it seems like a good time to check it out especially if you are a blogger and looking for a solution to browse and easily post the stuff you find. Once it does go beta, I may have to give it some love as my full time browser to see if it can last.

A Brief History of ClarisWorks

Those of you who are not long time Mac users may not even remember Claris. Claris was a wholly owned Apple subsidiary that produced some of the most killer software of its day. Most of Claris software offerings still live on today. Filemaker, for instance, is still around. Parts of Claris Emailer got worked into Mail.app (although my friend Dawn would argue, not enough of it). Claris Organizer was sold to Palm Inc. and became Palm Desktop for the Mac (and remains to this day largely identical to the Claris version). ClarisWorks eventually became AppleWorks.
In my opinion, ClarisWorks is one of the best office suites ever conceived. It was the most used application on my Mac for several years. It was way ahead of it’s time and even Microsoft Office took years to even catch up with it’s features on the Mac. Therefore, it was with great interest and excitement that I stumbled across this history of ClarisWorks that ends up, in part, being a history of Claris the company:
A Brief History of ClarisWorks

Random List: Magazines I Read Cover-to-Cover

I thought it would be fun to now and then post a random list of items. No particular rhyme or reason or order. Little to no comment, explanation or fanfare. Just a list of stuff. Stuff I hate. Stuff I love. Stuff that interests me. You know, stuff. It is really just a ridiculous lifehack to get me to post more often…
Here is a list of magazines that I read cover-to-cover.
Vanity Fair

Productivity Whitepaper Update

I have posted yet another update to my Org-Fu Überpost – Productivity Whitepaper. This covers what I use for physical notes and, with the exception of including a short wrap up, marks the completion of the document.
It is also the first time I have posted an image of any sort here on the journal because it really was the best way to convey my metadata markup system for notes.
The next step will be to break it out to it’s own static page where I will include even more pictures, screenshots and the like but that is more design than I have time for right now.

Recent Purchases and Discoveries

Here are some random short thoughts on some recent purchases and other items that have come across my radar…
Moleskine 2007 Soft Cover Pocket Weekly 18 Month Planner – Just received this from the excellent and fairly priced Ninth Wave Designs and I could not be more excited. As you may know from reading previous posts, I have been tracking the release of these for a while. There are a few reasons I am drawn to these. First, the layout – It has a week calendar on the left hand page and is standard ruled on the right. Therefore, I can have my calendar and capture to-do/next action items in the same place. Second, I love the soft cover and the additional pages it provides for travel notes, measurements and time tables. Third, because it is 18 months I can start using it at the end of June through 2007.
My only gripes are that the paper is a little bit less thick than the Moleskine Pocket Ruled I now use and the pocket in the back is not accordion styled so it holds less. But these are minor gripes that will not stop me from putting it to good use,
Levenger Ballistic Shirt Pocket Briefcase – I recently picked this up after a strong recommendation from Emory and it has proved quite useful. For those not familiar, it is a thin holder for 3×5 cards designed so that one can take easy notes in a portable system on the go. I mainly use it for quick “disposable” lists like grocery lists. I also made up some custom printed 3×5 cards that act as a personal note card to give out as it has my key contact info printed on it. Comes off very slick and professional.
Owl Eye Paper Clips – I have been looking for these for a long time. While I could have bought them online I just did not feel like placing an order for something where the shipping was quadruple the cost of the item. Then as we were strolling through Target, Bethany spotted some in the office supply section – on clearance no less. Best 99 cents I have spent outside of iTunes.
Wired: Whistle-Blower’s Evidence, Uncut (via Etherdust)- Truly frightening uncut transcript of the evidence of the now infamous NSA domestic phone and internet surveillance program. This is the original uncut account from Mark Klein, the whistle-blower who broke the case. What is going on in this country is so reminiscent of Orwell’s 1984. The “War on Terror” against a loosely defined and mostly unseen enemy? The use of that war as justification for trampling on individual rights and liberties? The current newspeak-like phrases introduced by government spokesmen into the press? Does anyone not see the parallels? These are very scary times indeed. Just remember, we are still a free society and have a constitutional right to protect ourselves from our government.
Org-Fu Überpost – I will update and finalize this soon I promise. I have a lot more to say but not the time to say it. Furthermore, I want to put it off on it’s own static page with pictures, screenshots and more. Therefore, I need the time it will take to do all of that and with the wedding and other demands it may be a bit longer.