Announcing Work. Life. Creativity.

Today I am proud to take the vale off of a new project – Work. Life. Creativity. As I mentioned last week, it is an online community devoted to discussing the topics of personal productivity, self growth, work/life balance and creative solutions. I am really excited and proud of the work that was done to get it to the point where we can have a “soft launch” and ask folks to take a look.
The centerpiece of it all is really the forums. Expect lots of chatter about lots of interesting topics there. I have been spending a lot of time in there lately and plan to continue doing so. Also expect some cross posting of topics between here and there. I expect as interesting stuff comes up in the forums at WLC that I would like to opine further on here.
Head on over and take a look. You will not be disappointed.

2 thoughts on “Announcing Work. Life. Creativity.”

  1. Looking good, Patrick. It’s always nice to find ‘your people’ and not get odd looks when you talk about how to improve your personal productivity! Congratulations on a very impressive new community…

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