Announcing Tweet Small Change

Here’s a project that my wife and I are officially launching today. It’s called Tweet Small Change. What is it?

Tweet Small Change is a project to bestow $140.00 micro-grants given to compelling arts projects that are pitched via tweet.

In other words, we invite artists and creators to submit an idea via tweet for what they would do with $140.00. Submissions are open for 48 hours once announced. The best are chosen — up to 10 per round (i.e. each round is funded at $1400.00). All we ask is that creators share their funded projects on social networks with the hashtag #tweetsmallchange.

That’s it. No strings. No crazy submission process. Just $140.00 to make great art. And, we hope, make the world that much better, stronger, and beautiful.

The idea for this came from my wife, Bethany, who is an Arts and Non-Profit Business Consultant and has long and deep connections to the arts community. After coming home from one of the many receptions her work requires her to attend, she came home absolutely buzzing about this idea she came up with there. We talked all night and though the next day about it. And, we decided that, if we wanted to make a real difference, we had better put our money where our mouths were.

So, this first round we are funding completely ourselves. We will judge and choose the submissions and write the checks to those we pick. If this is a success, we might do it again in the future and/or invite others to help fund a round and pick some projects.

For now, we hope that people simply check it out and consider pitching their $140.00 ideas. On social media we are at:

Also, we hope you spread the word. Please share it with your friends, followers, etc. Especially if you are an artist/creator or work within that community. Because, we really do believe small changes can have big results.