A Passion For The Work

Subtitle: Lose The Freelancing Illusion

I get at least one email in my inbox a week from someone who wants my advice on freelancing. They read my writing or listen to my podcast or follow me on a social network and think that I have a pretty sweet, fulfilling, life that I’m generally satisfied with. That I love working the freelance life as both a consultant and writer. That my wife, who is also a freelance consultant and my business partner, does too. And, this is true. We have a pretty great life. But I think the truth of why we love it is far different than the reason others think we do.

The fact is, both my wife and I work our asses off. Heck, here it is past midnight and I’m still working. My wife is in a chair a few feet away working. I’m rarely not working. Neither is she. Even the “fun stuff” is often work related for at least one of us. As are our “vacations”. But, we do it because we love it. We love the work. It fulfills us in ways that nothing else can. And this is what I mean when I say it is not for everyone and that satisfaction others sense is not coming from a life of leisure it is coming from a love of the work.

We are both passionate people. We are passionate about every aspect of our life. We did not set out to freelance so that we could work less. We freelance so that we can work more and own every piece of it. The fact is that there really is no line for us between family, work, and play. It is all just life. A life that we build and work for and love. We work hard at every aspect of it because we love the work.

Not everyone is cut out for it. It takes not only a passion for the work but plenty of sacrifice. It means there will be no paid vacations or retirement fund matching or group healthcare plan. It means years of saving and planning and struggling and scrapping. But you will know, in those tough years, if it is for you. Because those struggles will not deter you — they will fuel you. Because, that is all part of the work too.

The farmer lays her head down at night and can’t wait to go out at daybreak and get deep into the muck and dung of her work, because she loves the land. It is what makes her a farmer.

When you love the work, the work shows you who you really are.

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