A Brief Review — Capture Camera Clip by Peak Design


I recently purchased a Capture Camera Clip by Peak Design for an upcoming trip. It’s a really smart idea that first caught my attention as a (very successful) Kickstarter campaign.

Now, they are available to the public at large. It’s a system comprised of a clip that can be attached to almost any strap or belt and a special plate that attaches to the mounting port on the bottom of most cameras that slides into the clip. The clip itself attaches with security and relative ease. But the real star is how easy it is to slide the camera into place and how secure it is once there. Then, a simple, single, push button releases it — ready for action. The very use of it makes me feel like a pro. There is a small knob one can twist to further lock the camera into place, in case the button were to get triggered by accident. But, so far, I have not had reason to use it.

It shines in situations where I need to access my camera with flexibility and speed, and where protection is less of a concern. Really nice not having to take an extra bag or worry about leaving room for a camera in my ruck. I’m looking forward to really putting it through the paces during an upcoming trip and in the next GORUCK event I shadow. I really recommend checking it out if for no other reason than the genius of the idea alone.