One of my intentions for this year was to complete one small home organization task each week. One this to make one small area better than I found it. Today, I choose the cleaning supplies under the sink. This has been an area of mess and confusion for as long as I have lived in this house (almost 10 years).

I threw out stuff, combined same items, and put like things together. I then put the least used stuff in the back and the most towards the front. No more digging. So much better!

It still amazes me how one hour of effort can be a solution to ten years of frequent vexation yet, how slow we are to recognize the problem and act. How easy it is to blow off something that, once done, gives such satisfaction and relief.

Conklin’s Handy Manual of Useful Information. One of my most prized possessions. “Everything worth knowing” printed right at the top. So good. Published in 1891 as best as I can tell.

I often consider creating a Twitter or Tumblr around it and post random “facts” many of them outdated but many spot-on but concerning old subjects.

Important subjects concerning ocean travel? It’s in here. How to properly season and store timber? Yep. Five cent interest schedule? You betcha!

When the shit goes down, you better believe this will be in my bug-out kit. It might just be the thing that saves me.

This morning’s work, transcribing more things that matter off of the Internet.

The Internet is not a place I put my faith. Things there disappear, get buried under a hundred other things, get marked and never revisited, get changed when no one is looking.

If I want something to last for an age or two, I commit it to paper.