It is Beatrix Camille Gladhill Rhone’s Birthday today! Henceforth, she shall be styled Beatrix, age 16.

Beatrix is 16 - Gold Butterflies in Hair

Beatrix at 16 portrait

She wanted to get donuts to bring to her school advisory…

Beatrix outside with donuts

Parenting teens is hard. Rewarding, yet too often heartbreaking. And, sometimes, you are the one having to break their hearts and yours at the same time in order to teach valuable lessons.

Looming Enrollment Cliff Poses Serious Threat to Colleges | BestColleges

If you’re not in the group of people currently in the college search process, you may not have heard about “The Cliff”:

Enrollments have been dropping for a decade and cratered during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To make matters even worse, a dangerous precipice looms on the near horizon, a demographic phenomenon known as the enrollment cliff. Many colleges won’t survive the fall.

This will have wide societal ripple effects for decades so important to pay some attention to.