Notes on mentors…

  • I choose my mentors.
  • Mentors don’t find you 1. You find them.
  • Mentors don’t have to know they are your mentors. You don’t have to let them know, either. Just let them mentor.
  • Sometimes, mentors come in the form of friends.
  • Many of my mentors likely didn’t/don’t know they we’re/are my mentors.
  • Some of those mentors looked to me as a mentor to them. They think it is only a one way thing.
  • Some of my mentors I’ve never met in person, only through written communications.
  • Some have been life long, others short term.
  • I have mentors for different activities: Spiritual mentors or writing mentors, for example.
  • You will not find mentors unless you are ready to do the work.

I may have more on this subject as thoughts arise.

  1. Note for White folks: Despite what Hollywood has made you believe, Morgan Freeman is not going to magically appear to show you the ways of the world or a better golf swing. This is fiction. A lie sold to you by your own screenwriters. This “Magic Black Man” does not exist. Even if he did, you’d still have to find him, not the other way around.