Web 2.0: In business, out of beta

Panel discussion on starting up business in the new internet era. Kind of just starting. More to follow.

The difference between Web 2.0 and Web 1.0 is that it takes less people and resources to build a business now because the tools and connectivity are there.

Interstingly, Digg traffic is not sustained traffic, it may drive people there but the content has to appeal to your target audience. Therefore, getting picked up by similar blogs to the content you are providing is more advantageous.

Translating Geek: Executable Documentation

Good talk so far. Basically it is about developing documentation that bridges the customer’s expectation with the technical delivery of the end product. The idea centers around a “story test”. The story test is a boolean test – something either is true or false. Once you have a deliverable that tests “true” to all of the criteria driven by the expectation, you have met that expectation.


I am currently waiting for the first seesion I am interested in – Translating Geek: Executable Documentation. Right now they are looking around for Power for the projector.

They found power. They came up with a good solution for propping the projector up to the right height – place two folding chairs ontop of each other. The geeks immediately dubbed it a very MinneBar solution.

MinneBar Liveblogging

I am currently at MinneBar, an un-conference happening in the Lowertown area of Saint Paul today. Looks to be a great day with many promising sessions. I plan on trying to live blog the sessions attend (or would that be live tumble?). Therefore, stay tuned right here for updates and please excuse any typos, misspellings and other drawbacks created by quick posting.