Last night’s dinner: Pan fried northern pike over carrot medallions on a bed of parmesan cheese grits with a lemon brown butter sauce.

Otherwise known as health food.

Fish and Grits

WKRP | Aw Phooey

What if you took EVERY DJ break Howard Hesseman ever made,
as Dr. Johnny Fever (WKRP in Cincinnati), and just …followed his lead? Would it be possible to construct a three hour radio show, with Fever as host? …It was, in fact! And it sounded great, because most of the musical choices were made by The Doctor, himself.

My current soundtrack. This is fantastic!

James Shelley asks, What’s the fun in writing on the internet anymore?

To put any thoughtful labour into crafting words online today is to watch them get sucked up, repurposed, and often monetized by someone else. It feels a bit like a digital wasteland; overrun with pirates, replete with armies of robots regurgitating everything into a gooey cocktail of digital sludge.

Much food for thought.

Cocktail time! Make it a double!

I made my wife consecutive Pink House Daiquiris (Rum, Lime Juice, Cardamom Syrup) and two different Old Fashioneds for me. One more traditional one with a bit of candied ginger muddled in and a Spiced Rum Old Fashioned (Rum, Bitters, Sugar Cube, Cinnamon, Cloves, Orange peel).

The work of making this world resemble one that you would prefer to live in is a lunch pail f-king job, day in and day out, where thousands of committed, anonymous, smart, and dedicated people bang on closed doors and pick up those that are fallen and grind away on issues until they get a positive result. And, even then, have to stay on to make sure that result holds.

— John Stewart, The Daily Show, Feb. 12, 2024