I’ve got so many written drafts of things hanging around. Pieces really. Things I’ve not had the time/space/thoughts to develop further. Considering just hitting publish on them and letting the reader fill in the blanks until I have the gumption to return to them. Just to get them “out there”.

Current Thought Pattern: Trying to figure out how much time “thinking through it” adds to a project. 10%? 15%?

Not entirely sure but it’s not insignificant.

I’m currently rebuilding a deck and it occurred to me how strange it would be to anyone seeing me how much of my time is spent just standing looking a it, deep in thought. But that time thinking through it is, perhaps, the most important part.

It is her wit. Rapid fire and razor sharp. Amongst the countless other reasons I love my wife, it is her wit that magnifies the sunlight of them all combined.

In case anyone has been wondering how much 12 foot long composite decking you can comfortably fit on top of a Volvo XC 70, the answer is 30 pieces.

IMG 5086