Aby Wolf – Alone (Acoustic) – YouTube

Some beautiful music for a Sunday Morning.

SimpleREV 2014 – 3 Questions That Lead to an Intentional Life from Patrick Rhone – YouTube

Worth a revisit.

Spring Celebration Show Highlights on Vimeo

When I tell people that my little girl performs in circus, this is what I mean.


10 Bullets, #8: “ALWAYS BE KNOLLING”. By Tom Sachs – YouTube

Always be knolling. Always.


(via Daniel Nesbit)

(via Being Black by Jane Elliott – YouTube via Kottke)

Yes, please.

(via SwissMiss)

RIP Maurice White. Earth, Wind, and Fire is one of my all time faves. Best horn section in funk.

(via The 20th Anniversary Mac – YouTube)

Stephen Hackett give a nice overview of this unique machine who’s importance and design cues still resonate in many Apple products today.

Honored to be one of those interviewed for this.