The Rhone eBook Collection

I’ve had more than a few requests from folks who’d like to be able to purchase all of my books in one collection. Now you can.

This is a complete collection of all of my published works to date at a special price all for less than the price of purchasing them separately.

But wait! There’s more! Includes a special added bonus: My first book, Keeping It Straight, which is not currently available separately anywhere else.

Get the whole bundle for only $40.

Of course, you can still get them individually too.

Derek Sivers tells us about his book notes. How he compiles them, uses them, what they are meant to be (and what they are not). He’s kept and publicly shared notes on the 250+ books he’s read since 2007. Fascinating. Also, an excellent resource.

James Shelley says farewell to social media. And, while there are a lot of people writing about that these days, I wanted to highlight this passage in particular:

Moving ahead, I will use email as my principal means of communicating and organizing personal endeavours, initiatives, and projects… Why? Email is peer-to-peer, distributed, non-proprietary, and adaptable. It is, as far as I can tell right now, the best ‘social platform’ presently at our disposal.

I’ve always been a fan of email and agree with this sentiment strongly.